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Original design thinking & a collaborative fit out process

Barnwood Shopfitting were appointed for the fit-out of Carriage Hall, a Grade ll listed building in Covent Garden. The project accommodates the two brands, Jigsaw and Bluebird, and occupies all 3 floors and the atrium area.

Part of a mixed-use re-development opening up a new pedestrian route the whole project will eventually incorporate new high quality residential, retail and restaurant spaces. 

From the outset the project required a high degree of collaboration between Barnwood and the creative retail design team at Dalziel & Pow.

Delivered over a 20 week period with a minimal lead in the design had to be constantly reviewed, developed and challenged throughout the project,. All parties had to work as a team to ensure that the programme dates were achieved.

The renovation incorporated a wide range of finishes. Barnwood provided numerous material samples that allowed the design team the opportunity to fine tune their work and to realise concepts whether manufacturing joinery, metal work, plastics or glass.

The scheme incorporates a range of recycled materials including plastic used to form cash desks, green glass bottles to create innovative display table tops and scaffold boards reused for seating and shelving.  Screens forming the fitting rooms were painted with chameleon paint - the colour of the screens change from different viewpoints.

Artists working both insitu and off site have added a wow factor to feature elements like a 4m diameter icosahedron mirrored feature suspended in the atrium.


On-time delivery is essential to retail outlets, who need to be operating as quickly as possible. Detail and accuracy is just as vital, from manufacture and installation to ensuring robustness for heavy footfall.